Whitney & the Welders, 1994

 Is it fun to manufacture in the USA! Is it easy? No. It is hard work, humbling, often humorous and defiantly worth it.

In 1992 I founded The Antique Drapery Rod Company with a passion to bring the quality of museum collections and authentic antique hardware into our homes. (And utilize my crazy obsession for architectural antiques.) Using old world craftsmanship, hand forging, hand casting and hand painting is an eco responsible process for the health of our employees, our customers and the planet. This business model propelled our little company to the forefront of the window hardware industry and we have been innovators ever since.

Our Environmentally Responsible Product Designs
In 1992 our very first labels had our environmental statement concerning recycled paper , recycled iron, sustainably harvested wood from the USA and many clients thought it irrelevant. Now some of them are our biggest promoters.

Our development of many unique trademarks and patents includes: our patented “Quick Cornice” (1996), easily shaped eco-industrial cardboard folded into a cornice, our patented “Traverse Ring Sets” (2000), our patented Food Paint (2004) is “the healthiest paint you can buy”™, made from up to 96% food ingredients, instead of a gallon of petrochemicals.

Our work in bio based resins began with research in the late 90’s and our first half container of corn cellulose plastic shipped in from Germany in 2001. Our signature “cast wood” curtain rings are made from bio based resin instead of wasting 60% of the wood when routed. They are also stronger, with no knots or cracks.

Our bio-based “art resin” is custom designed for our hand casting. Ask yourself: Does hardware (or any household product) need to be made from a petrochemical plastic that will never biodegrade, only photodegrade into smaller pieces that wind up toxic matter in our waters and food sources?

Our natural bamboo drapery rods are made from one of the world’s fasted growing renewable resources. Our wood rods are produced in the beautiful American Northwest in a manner that saves our forests and biodiversity for our children’s children.
Made in the U.S.A.
As a product designer from generations of engineers, I am fascinated with how things are made, where every small part comes from and whose hands made them. I have visited over 50 countries, and visited production facilities in over 40 countries. In the past we have done business with India, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Italy, Peru, Mexico, Canada and more. The majority of our products have always been made In the U.S.A.

In the end, it is about WHO makes the product, how and why, that defines its intrinsic lasting quality. It is NOT about a cheap material or price, nor cheap labor or lack of environmental standards, nor lack of decent working conditions, which may include the right to religion and family time. Please remember you change the world with your dollar, with what you choose to buy and where it is made. Please look for the label and buy “Made in the USA”.

We stand in support of the cost of doing business in America and support the Environmental Protection Agency particularly when they keep industries like chrome casting from leaving toxic heavy metals leaking into our water sources for generations to come. (ADR does not make any chrome products, only recycled aluminum). We support OSHA and safe working conditions for American employees. These are our families.

We do not aim to be the fastest drapery rods in the west, but we are the most authentic: in our design sources, our environmental integrity and our employees’ commitment to quality.

We hope you enjoy our products. Please visit our website and see a film of our ADR manufacturing family. Also Facebook “like” your favorite products and tell us what else you might want us to make for you?

And yes, I can weld when needed.

Please know that each and every one of us at ADR appreciates your business!

Whitney Anna Walker
CEO, Antique Drapery Rod Co. Inc
P.S., In 2011 we launched our new line “Grace Hardware” with 40 fabulous hand finishes, exclusive to the trade.

We value the ecological and health consequences of organic cotton growing and manufacturing processes, including dying practices and other treatments and the difference made by our commitment to ecologically conscious cotton production and the history and standards of organic cotton certification processes (including Skal, GOTS, and USDA).

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