I founded Anna Sova in 2004 with my Father, Richard K. Walker. Prior to that I had been a manufacturing CEO and a product designer for many, many years.


Our other products included hardware and furniture made from upcycled aluminum and steel, hand fired bamboo, and FSC reforested wood; draperies made of certified organically
processed silk, cotton, and linen; organic cotton carpets made with the Tibetan Government in Exile; and flooring made of formaldehyde-free bamboo and wood. We also made
numerous other eco home accessories, most importantly: the finest quality certified organic linens in the world (previously SKAL, now GOTS certified).
The search to make our bedding took me to more than a dozen countries and to 21 mills to build the quality of linens my Austrian Grandmother, Sova, would approve of. (My nickname is Anna, hence our name, Anna Sova)
Sadly, I have also visited over 40 countries for manufacturing purposes in which I have seen horrifying things: slavery, unspeakable working conditions, children playing in waters
turned oddly blue with chemical run-off from textile processing, land made barren by toxic fertilizers and pesticides, and toxic products separated for purchase by the USA from the more eco-responsible products for other countries’ consumption.


The USA consumes over 50% of the world’s goods. We are responsible for all parts of the chain of consumption: the working conditions of people who make our goods; the health of the lanthe goods are grown or mined from; and the long-term effects that fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, sizing, and chemicals have on our planet and ultimately on us as consumers.



Sixteen percent of the world’s pesticides are used on conventional cotton and up to five pounds of toxic chemicals are used per pound of finished cotton. If we could cut that in half,
imagine what difference it would make.
Since choosing this path, I have had the opportunity to visit certified organic cotton and linen co-ops and fair-trade labor factories throughout the world. I have also witnessed the
amazing benefits of shifting away from “conventional” practices. The happy children in the photo at left live on a cotton farm where the years of transition from conventional toxic pesticides to organic farming has brought a marked decrease in birth defects and an increase in joy to their lives.
We want you to be a part of our change. Anna Sova will help support other organizations on the front line of saving the earth and its endangered creatures by dedicating a percentage of sales to them.
We vote every day with our dollars. Our choice should not be between luxury and sustainability; our best choice should be for both.
We can make the world a better place, one room at a time.


Whitney A. Walker, CEO





Anna Sova Values


We believe the choices we make define our lives.


We believe the quality of goods are defined by the way they are produced.


We believe the energy and the ingredients from these goods are transferred from the earth, through the artisans who produce them, to the consumer.


We personally inspect and approve the working conditions in every cotton co-op, silk farm, alpaca highland, glass blower, paint manufacturer,
bleaching, dying and sewing facility we work with.


We believe that the grace and hapiness of the individuals who produce anna sova products shine through in every piece.


We believe that our passion for quality, environmental responsibility and fair trade labor defines the intrinsic value of anna sova products.



Anna Sova Vision


Our business model is based on three tenents:


1. To produce the finest quality envirnomentally and ethically responsible products.


2. To design collections specifically to raise money and awareness for environmental organizations.


3. To donate as much as 40% of retail sales to environmental and ethical organizations.


  • I spent many summers in my grandmother’s home on Chicago’s North Shore learning all things Austrian, from the “Blue Danube Waltz” to the details of a finely run home. The bedroom linens were pressed on a mangle in the basement. Each room had its own essential oil or perfume steamed into the smooth fibers of the every sheet. The wood floors always gleamed with a fresh mixture of beeswax and lemon oil. The garden was a profusion of fresh flowers for the table and bedside.
  • My nickname was “Anna” and I added my grandmother’s maiden name,”Sova”, to create “Anna Sova”. I hope you can feel all of the love, kindness, and attention to detail she shared with me coming through in every piece.

-Whitney A. Walker
Founder, Anna Sova

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