About Anna Sova

If you were to walk into the Dallas showroom of Anna Sova one morning and spend a few minutes there, you would probably meet the CEO, Whitney Walker. There, with the sunlight streaming in through the large plate glass windows, surrounded by examples of gorgeous, luxurious world-sourced tapestries, Ms. Walker, who is tall and elegant yet very down to earth, would quickly introduce herself with a smile. Then, as two or three members of her team work quietly in the background under a soft veil of classical music, she would listen to you carefully. She would, in her own unique way, make you feel completely and absolutely at home. 

Chances are you would be swept up in Ms. Walkers’ vision of Anna Sova, named after her grandmother, as well as her unwavering passion. It’s this passion that guides everything you see, touch, and feel in that place. Textiles. Yards and yards of beautiful textiles. Some folded neatly on towering shelves awaiting their special assemblage into duvet covers, pillow shams, or any other result of Ms. Walkers’ vision. While others have already met their glorious fate, spread before you on half a dozen or so model beds, creating a snapshot in your mind of the possibilities for your own home: That of sumptuous duvet covers, crisp sheets, pillow shams, the array goes on. Often times you’ll smile as you discover the tasteful touch of whimsy – little bunny people anyone? – often woven into the designs. There is one thing however, that you probably wont notice. And it is very, very important. It’s something found in 99.9% of the brick-and-mortar textile and fabric businesses you walk into: An acrid stinging assault on your nasal passages; the result of out-gassing the residual brew of severe chemical agents impregnating those non-organically produced products. Such volatile chemicals are used in virtually all modern textile manufacturing, creating that caustic odor. But you won’t notice it in the Anna Sova showroom.

Because, it simply isn’t there. 

And for good reason. Ms. Walkers’ passion goes well beyond wanting to present you, the welcome customer, with lovely additions to your home such as bedding, bath towels and more, she wants you and your loved ones to be healthy. That means none of chemicals so prevalent in the industry. Part of this deeply ingrained philosophy stems from her family history of business people who believed the welfare of their customers was paramount. In a thoughtful and well-balanced way, they also cared about the earth, the environment, and all its living inhabitants. This helps explain the non-existent chemical assault greeting you in that showroom. It explains why a percentage of profits is channeled to organizations devoted to animal welfare and the places they are found. But there is another environment Ms. Walker truly cares about – it’s your home.

Oh yes, you can arm yourself with well-researched studies on the hazardous chemicals used in most textile manufacturing, such as this one.  But you can take another step: That of seeking out fabrics that are not only free of hazardous chemicals, but are also free of all non-natural components, and are eco-friendly as well!

You wind up where we started, the showroom of Anna Sova.

This means you are free of the manufacturing processes that make use of chemicals and pesticides, invading drinking water, ground water, polluting fish habitats, finding their way into human consumption. And these values aren’t applied to the Anna Sova customers and products alone, they are also applied to the welfare of the artisans and craftspeople whose skilled hands bring Anna Sova’s products to life. One look around the Anna Sova showroom puts a check in all these boxes. How can you be sure? Because Ms. Walker travels to these places of creation many times a year. She explores the mills and shops, she stands next to the looms and spindles, she carefully observes the creation process. She connects with these artisans. She listens to them. She is there. Just as she is with you, in the Anna Sova showroom, listening to you.

And as you step out into that morning sunlight, perhaps with shopping bag under your arm swaying with the weight of a crisp set of sheets – but then again, perhaps not – you’ll realize that comfort that luxury can indeed go hand-in-hand with creating positive results aimed at what’s best for you and your health, as well as the world we live in. 

Welcome to Anna Sova.

Meet The Team

Led by Whitney, Founder and Owner, the team at Anna Sova work together in a relaxed environment where we all strive for perfection. Each and every member of the team understands the importance of quality and customer service.

We value the ecological and health consequences of organic cotton growing and manufacturing processes, including dying practices and other treatments and the difference made by our commitment to ecologically conscious cotton production and the history and standards of organic cotton certification processes (including Skal, GOTS, and USDA).

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