I love my MEV, Magnificent Electric Vehicle! Chevy Volt.

I am basically a pick up truck girl who likes to go really fast every now and then…

Circumstances have brought my family (and me) a half dozen Range Rovers,a half dozen Jaguars, a half dozen Mercedes. And I have spent a fair amount of time with Ferrari’s and Porsche’s.Some might say pretentious cars but I confess that a serious need for speed runs in our family…

However the need to stop polluting the planet with fossil fuels (the single largest contributor to global climate change) has affected my vehicle of choice.

Now I have owned a bio diesel Mercedes and a bio diesel Ford pickup, a Prius and a Lexus hybrid and although they were soul savingly eco, I often felt the need to put my foot out the door and push my little scooter along.

But my favorite car so far is my Chevy Volt! Great handling, speedy, zippy and I feel primitively sexy when I plug it in to charge up with wind power instead of plugging a car in to suck fossil fuels.

I will always be a sucker for speed in almost any vehicle… And you can’t beat the grounding and utilty of a truck. but there is no joy in the petrochemical pollution.

I laugh when my friends say “You’re driving a Chevrolet?” It’s just far sexier to recharge with wind power than drive the gas guzzling alternative. And I am buying Made in the USA, keeping auto industry jobs here, which in turn helps current and future generations of Americans.

One of my Mick Jagger favorite songs: “Start Me Up” is now sung with “plug me in, plug me in, plug me in!”

lots of love,

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