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Elegant Activist "Support the Dolphins" Sea Mist Collection

We love Sea Shepherd!  Protect and Conserve the oceans and the marine wildelife as well as what you can do to help. Please visit their website at

Look deep in our ocean wave design to see the sea shepherd ships protecting the Vaquita Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises, Sea Turtles and all the oceans endangered fish.

Please note, this collection is “made to order”. Production time is approximately 15 business days, plus shipping.
Some items may be in stock. Click here to check stock with customer service or call 214.742.7682.

Donate 40% of your entire purchase to by using code: annaonbardot!


GOTS certified organic linen with a delicate silk design. Made in Italy with Old World European quality. 100% GOTS certified organic cotton 460 thread count sheets, the finest certified organic cotton sheets in the world, also made in Italy. Our 100% GOTS certified velvet quilts, and pillow shams made without flanges, a clean throw pillow style. Anna Sova famous 900gsm GOTS certified organic cotton towels.