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Elegant Activist “Support The Bees” Collection

Look for American Honey Bees deep in our silvery silk and linen pattern of Orange and Almond Blossoms! Proceeds are donated to Beyond Pesticides .org, one of the most effective groups in addressing neonicotinoids which are one of the key causes of C.C.D. Colony Collapse Disorder. Beyond Pesticides works with allies in protecting public health and the environment to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides.

Please note, this collection is “made to order”. Production time is approximately 15 business days, plus shipping.
Some items may be in stock. Click here to check stock with customer service or call 214.742.7682.

Donate a % of your entire order to by using code: honeybees

Made in Italy with of organic Linen and silk with opulent, old world European processing and craftsmanship, fine quality stitching and the very highest quality organic thread milled in Switzerland.  100% GOTS Certified # ONE 2528. Bring the luxury and quality of the very finest European organic linens to your home and sustainable, eco friendly farming and eco processing to the world with Anna Sova Italian Luxury Organics. Our Exclusive Certified Organic Linen and Silk is NOT made in India or China. Our Organic Linen and Silk  is made in Italy with the wonderful water from the Swiss Alps that process textiles, just like great bread and great beer making a finer finish to the fabric.

Did you know 16% of the entire planets pesticides are used on conventional cotton? Organic cotton farming can also use up to one third less water than conventional cotton and organic farming fights soil salination which contributes to global climate change. Anna Sova luxury organic bedding is free of toxic pesticides and finished with eco safe bleaching, dying and finishing processes.

Sample pillow shams available on loan for color and quality in all colors.

Click on the swatches below to view larger images. Order a color fabric swatch mailed to you for 10.00 and receive a credit of 10.00 with your next order.


100% GOTS certified organic cotton 460 thread count sheets, the finest certified organic cotton sheets in the world, also made in Italy. Our 100% GOTS certified velvet quilts and pillow shams made without flanges, a clean throw pillow style. Anna Sova famous 900gsm GOTS certified organic cotton towels.