In the words of Abbie Hoffman “Steal this book”
Ok, actually we would prefer you pay for the book.

Do you have an interest in Historic Interior Design? 

I have written a little tome that covers 2,400 years of window hardware in art history…

With period textiles on the window hardware shown in the artwork… 

And period music the artist would have been listening to as he made the artwork.

I also researched the period wine.. Greek Retsina, still available now if you like a little pine tar in your vino. Lindesfarne Abbey Mead to go with your 14th century hand forged hardware.

For a later, more eccentric version I also researched the period foods the artists would have enjoyed with the period wine. It lives to publish another day.

This book was an experiment with a sort of  “period sensory experience” to see the historic art and hear the period music and drink the period wine…a literary/ sensory time travel.

(book cover here)

Or you can buy the same book for $68.00 here because for some unknown reason the signed copies are worth more than the unsigned copies. Personally I would buy the used book (save a tree) unsigned, the author is not that famous..

My favorite pieces are of  Empress Theodora of Constantinople. The Co-Regent who rallied the Generals and saved her empire when her hubby wanted to flee. She is shown in an ivory carving and Byzantine mosaics always with drapery in her image, always holding what appears to be a drapery rod. We reproduced her finial and named it after her. Its amazing how history lives on in Art…

(image of Empress Theodora here.)

For continuity, on the back cover are photos of our welders before and after 20 years of working for me. They have all their fingers and toes but their sanity may have been tested. We made a great many crazy things together.

Avoid the Retsina wine, it is reminiscent of period paint thinner.

lots of love!

Whitney A. Walker, Author
The Art of the Antique Drapery Rod

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