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Vegetable Wax Candle

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6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle

anna sova ultimate vegetable wax candles:
healthiest candle in the world100% 
  • natural renewable resource
  • burns longer than paraffin candles
  • burns cleaner. soot is caused by petrochemicals.
  • non-toxic. no carcinogens
  • scent is stronger. lower melting point creates a pool for the essential oil to evaporate from.easier to clean up
  • candle holder may be washed in dishwasher
  • anna sova uses untreated cotton wicks

conventional candles may be hazardous to your and the planet´┐Żs health for the following reasons:
  • common paraffin wax candles are a petrochemical wax known to release toluene, which can cause dizziness, and benzene, a carcinogen also found in tobacco smoke (American Chemical Society).
  • non-cotton wicks with lead or zinc core - burning releases toxic particulate matter and settles on surrounding furniture.
  • petrochemical paraffin wax is not biodegradeable and leaves behind toxic fumes and soot.
  • synthetic fragrances - burning releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Choose from the following selections:
Items AvailableOptionsQuantity
6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Courage (In Stock)
Reg: $48.00

6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Hope (In Stock)
Reg: $48.00

6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Purification (In Stock)
Reg: $48.00

6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Serenity (In Stock)
Reg: $60.00

6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Unscented (In Stock)
Reg: $28.00

6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Jaipur (In Stock)
Reg: $48.00

6 oz. Vegetable Wax Candle
Hafiz (In Stock)
Reg: $48.00

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